Five (5) Highest Paying Digital Skills

Highest paying digital skills
Highest paying digital skills

5 Highest paying digital skills

The digital world never stops changing throughout the world. New technologies emerge old ones fade away, and new roles are created almost every day. Because of this, the demand for digital skills is also constantly shifting. There is always a new set of skills that employers need more of in order to stay competitive in the digital space.

To help you on your journey toward becoming one of these professionals, we’ve compiled a list of some of the highest-paying digital skills right now. From software development to user experience (UX) design and everything in between, here are some of the top paying gigs available today:

Let’s take a look at some of the highest-paying digital skills so you can make informed career decisions moving forward.


Digital marketing

Digital marketing has been one of the highly paid digital skills over the years. Since the world is increasing in the digital aspect, so are business owners who also want to join the trend by putting their business out there in the digital world hence the demand for digital marketing skills increases.
A digital marketer makes of the internet and devices like desktops and phones that can access the internet to promote goods and services.

Highest paying digital skills


You may be wondering how to be a digital marketer, so you can earn high. Becoming a digital marketer doesn’t require a degree in any specific course, but there are some skills you need to possess to become one.

  • Good marketing skills: This is the most important and obvious skill you need to have to be a digital marketer. Promoting goods and services is synonymous with marketing them. So you need to be good at marketing.
  • Content writing skill: As a digital marketer, you will need to create lots of valuable content in order to keep your customer hooked and compelled to buy the product. This is where the content writing skill comes in.
  • Communication skills: Potential clients will rather purchase a product or service from someone who communicates better with them. Having this skill will not only convince customers to buy a product, but you can also tell your team of staff a concise plan.
  • Creativity: to generate new ideas different from the norms which will lure customers, you need to be creative.

It is challenging to know all aspects of digital marketing as it is vast, but you can start with the popular aspects; content marketing, social media marketing like running Facebook ads based on your marketing knowledge, and search engine marketing.
Average Annual salary of a Digital Marketer: $97,000.



Before the media evolved and the world became more advanced in technology, blogging was seen as a hobby. Right now, blogging is a major platform where you can promote yourself, your business, your ideas, etc. So learning this digital skill will earn you lots of money from different aspects.

Highest paying digital skills
Blogging – digital skills

A blogger constantly writes on a blog and also handles the blog.

How do you become good at blogging?

In other to soar in our digitalized world today, you need to be good at blogging. There are some skills you should possess to kick off.

  • Content writing: As the saying goes, CONTENT IS KING. A blogger basically writes content for a blog, so acquiring content writing skills is necessary. As your content will readers to it.
  • Marketing and Networking: You need to promote your blog and also reach out to other bloggers to see the steps they are taking to become a better bloggers.
  • Basic SEO: You have to know the basics of SEO – Search Engine Optimization. This will help you in ranking, keyword research, on-page and off-page SEO, etc.
  • Consistency: It takes time to build a blog to start earning high, but with other skills and consistency, you will get there.
    Average Annual salary of a Blogger: $80,000



This is the process of writing words that compels people to take action. When it comes to online marketing, this is one of the major elements.

No matter the nature of your business, you will need a copywriter who will write compelling sales content for you. So a copywriter reaches out to people to enlighten them and give them a compelling reason to buy a product, such the product could be a physical or digital product like software and any product can be found on some platform like Amazon, Konga, JiJi, etc. This is why copywriting is one of the highest-paid digital skills.

Highest paying digital skills
Copywriting – digital skills

Skills to be a good copywriter;

  • Communication skills: As a copywriter, you need to know how to communicate with people, speak to clients and make them see the reasons why they need that sale you are writing.
  • Creative thinking: in order to bring up ideas that will draw customers, you need to be creative regardless of what you are promoting.
  • Problem-solving skill: compelling someone to purchase a product means you see reasons why they need that product. That is, there is a problem the product will solve when your potential clients purchase it.
  • Copywriters are not just one of the highest-paid digital professionals but also the highest-paid writers.
    Average Annual salary of a Copywriter: $72,000


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Website design

Simply put, website design is the designing of websites displayed on the web so that they will be aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

Web design has been a highly demanded skill ever since the world became digital. And from our research, the demand for this skill will increase rapidly in the next decade. A lot of businesses have been launching their e-commerce site ever since the 2020 pandemic, which led to the creation of more websites.

Highest paying digital skills
Web Design – digital skills


As of January 2022, there were a recorded number of over 2 billion websites. And all these websites are designed by web designers, hence their importance in the labor market.

To become a good web designer, you need to have these skills;

  • Visual design: You should possess the skills to add beauty to a website with the appropriate themes, images, color, layout, typography, etc.
  • Programming language: to design a website, you need to be conversant with some programming languages like CSS, Html, Python, Javascript, etc.
  • UX/UI: UX means user experience or the way website users feel when on a website. UI means user interface or what people see when they visit a website. Acquiring these skills will enable you to make the website both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing to the user.
    Average Annual salary of a Web Designer: $92,000

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Data analysis

Data analysis is the process of cleansing, transforming, modeling, and inspecting data with the aim of getting information that will be useful for decision-making and making conclusions.

A data analyst discovers important information known as data that will help a business make important decisions and come to a befitting conclusion. A lot of businesses are in search of data analysts to help analyze their business and give them information on the best step to take.

Highest paying digital skills
Data Analysis – digital skills

This is one of the reasons data analysis is a highly demanded skill and also one of the highest paying skills.

To be a good data analyst, you need to acquire some of these skills;

  • SQL: Which stands for Structured Query Language. It is a language used to relate multiple databases, manage and store data, and change or build those database structures through an industry-structure database.
  • Critical thinking: This will give you the idea of what question you are to ask first and also help with answers to your questions.
  • Learn Python programming language: This is one of the programming languages that every data analyst is meant to learn in order to inspect and model data.
    Average Annual Salary of a Data Analyst: $129,620


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Digital skills are what you must acquire in our digital world today so as not to be left behind. Go through the above 5 listed highest-paying digital skills and select the one you have an interest in. One thing you also need to know about these listed digital skills is that they all can be done remotely. So you get to earn lots of money working digitally from home.

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