Complete Guide to Google Digital Marketing Course

Complete Guide to Google digital marketing course

Do you want to learn digital marketing skills? Or have you been looking for the best platform to access digital marketing courses? If yes, then you are in the right place, as this blog post will discuss everything you need to know about Google’s digital marketing course.

Google Digital Marketing Course
Complete Guide to Google Digital Marketing Course

Google’s digital marketing course will teach you the basics of digital marketing and leave you with the excellent digital marketing skills you can use to compete in the labor market today.


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business in today’s online world. In fact, digital marketing is growing faster than any other form of marketing. It’s also the most cost-effective way to reach your target audience — 71% of internet users browse for local businesses, services, and products online.

Digital marketing is a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, making it difficult for marketers to stay updated with the latest trends. It’s also a great deal more challenging than traditional marketing. You have to think in new ways, discover new channels, and stay on top of emerging technologies. That’s why digital marketing courses are increasingly popular among marketers who want to specialize in this field.

If you don’t have time to take a traditional marketing course or cannot commit long-term to an in-person program, an online marketing class can be an excellent alternative. In just a few hours each week, you can learn new skills and techniques that will help you market your business effectively and efficiently.

Read on to discover everything about Google digital marketing courses where you can learn more about this exciting field and pick up some tricks and tips to help your business grow.


What is the Google digital marketing course?

Google digital marketing course is a free course sponsored by Google Company. It gives students a wide range of topics under digital marketing, which will help you grow your online business through different methods.

This course offers a comprehensive overview of digital marketing and all the major concepts and vocabularies associated with digital marketing. The course Introduction to Digital Marketing course will help you understand how digital marketing is carried out in the real world through strategies and practical exercises.

Google Digital Marketing Course
Google Digital Marketing Course

It is a 26-module course that equips you with free skills that can land you jobs in the digital marketing industry, such as content marketing, display advertising, business strategy, analytics, data insights, and email marketing.

Google uses Digital Unlocked resources to improve your digital skill and knowledge. Through the Google’s Digital Unlocked;

You can complete your Digital Marketing course, which has 23 topics. All you need to do is sign up and then go through the course, pass the test and get your certificate. The course is taught through different video tutorials daily from Google’s experts, so expect the best. The certificate awarded upon completing the course will make your CV more impressive.

Digital Unlocked makes you understand the practical aspect of Digital Marketing and equips you with skills that you will test through the course. The Primer app, which delivers lessons in Hindi and English on how to start an online business, build a website, run ads online, understand SEO, and lots more, is part of what Digital Unlocked offers.

Note: Although the Introduction to Digital Marketing course guides you on how to do things, they give a general perspective. In essence, it may not apply solely in your region, but understanding it and tweaking it to fit your situation will make you get the most out of the course.


Who is the Google Digital Marketing course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to develop their skills in digital marketing. Even if you are a novice or don’t know what digital marketing is, this course is designed to put you through all the basic concepts you need to know. As an expert in digital marketing, this course is still beneficial as you get to broaden your knowledge in different aspects of digital marketing.


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Skills you learn in the Google Digital Marketing course

Rather than overloading students, this course follows a holistic approach. You develop your skills through the detailed and comprehensive teachings of digital marketing principles. Some skills you learn include:

  • Understanding analytics and how to use data analysis to improve your online presence.
  • Business strategies that will improve your online business.
  • Basic concepts and principles of content marketing.
  • How to grab the public’s attention and advertise through your classic graphic design.
  • How to start an online business from scratch, how to run it, and major concepts in eCommerce.
  • How to use email marketing.
  • How to know your client and build them through online presence, directories, etc.
  • Understanding how well to use Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase your website view organically.


Topics taught in the course.

The Google digital marketing course comprises 26 modules. And they are divided into smaller lessons so they will be easier to understand.

  • The first few sections of this course explore the digital world basics, the concepts, and an overview of what the entire course will be. This will give you an introduction to what digital marketing is and what you will learn in the process of this course. It will help you find your WHY for being a digital marketer and the steps you need to take to excel in this field.
  • The next section focuses on websites. Their importance, how they work, how to utilize them, how to build your own website, ways in which websites can help you achieve your goal, and what you should avoid doing on your website.
  • The next five sections focus more on search engines. The basics of a search engine, what Google search console is, paid searches. You also get to understand how SEO works, its importance on your website and how best to run a campaign to see good results.
  • The following section teaches you how to get discovered in your local area. You will be taught how to use Google maps, develop your presence in social media, be good in content and email marketing, and understand analytics and how to utilize it.
  • The last three sections focus on those who wish to build an online store, how to get it running from scratch, and increase sales to become an international store.



Duration of the Google Digital Marketing course

Google’s course on Digital Marketing has a different section that, if joined together, will sum up to 40 hours. However, an advantage of offering an online course is to learn at your pace. There isn’t a set time or date to finish up the course. And if you are done with the course, you still need clarity on some sections, you can revisit the course to understand it better.


Cost of Google Digital Marketing Course

The course is FREE! You won’t have to pay for anything, just your ATTENTION. Google designed this course to enlighten those who want to develop their skill as digital marketers. All you need to do is register with your email or Google account and fill in some other details to get started.


Certification of Google Digital Marketing Course

Google awards you a certificate upon completing the course. After going through each section, there is a test to ascertain that you followed through before moving on to the next section. Then when you are done with the final section, there is a final exam to be taken, and if passed, you get a certificate sent to your email.


Other Google courses that will help you excel in the digital marketing field


AdWords Fundamental Course

AdWords Fundamental Course puts you through tough digital advertising and develops your knowledge of the best advertising platform for and the type of client that will purchase your goods or services. This will come in handy, so you don’t have to spend time advertising to the wrong client.

Google’s Adwords fundamental course comprises of

  • Exam study guide; this educates the students on the important parts of website advertising, the advantages of online advertising, how to set it up, and how to streamline your campaign for action taking.
  • Refresher guide; this is more of the summary of what Google Adwords is made up of. It refreshes your memory before you start an ad campaign or take an exam.
  • Academy for ads; this part of the adword fundamental course tests you with the notion of succeeding in online advertising once you pass it.
  • Guide to AdWords success helps you understand what internet marketing is and how to create a successful campaign that brings in new clients.
  • Building relevant ads with ads extension, there are ads extensions that help you optimize the visibility of your ads and the click rates. This section exposes you to those extensions and how to use them.
  • Best keyword list, building effective keywords helps you impart the message to your prospect, which will, in turn, lead to conversion. This digital marketing course helps you know the best words to use and how to use them.



Digital marketing is now more important than ever before. According to a survey by Google, marketers that actively invest in digital marketing see an average return of 157% on their investments. If you want to enter this field, there are many digital marketing courses available — but which one should you pick?

To get the most out of your experience as a marketer, it’s important to choose the right Google digital marketing course. This article discussed what Google’s digital marketing course offers to ensure you get the best outcome possible.

If you have any questions about Google digital marketing course, kindly leave them in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!

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