What is NFT Whitelist | Detailed Explained with Proven Method (2022)

What is NFT Whitelist | Detailed Explained with Proven Method (2022)
What is NFT Whitelist | Detailed Explained with Proven Method (2022)


  • What is an NFT Whitelist
  • What are the benefits of a Whitelist?
  • How do NFTs Whitelist works ?
  • How to get on an NFT Whitelist
    • Twitter competitions
    • Discord competitions
    • Friends Referrals
    • Positive community activity
  • Conclusion



In this guide, we’ll look at proven methods for getting multiple whitelist places as well as techniques and tricks often overlooked by NFT buyers, we’ll cover how to get multiple whitelist places, as well as techniques that aren’t commonly used.

Getting on to an NFT whitelist can be challenging, but following the rules set within Whitelist channels on Discord will increase your chances of getting on a whitelist by 87%.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get on the whitelist for NFTs, so buyers must be active in the NFT community and follow the rules if they want to obtain an NFT whitelist place.

NFT whitelists are a quick and easy way to get your hands on new NFTs before they launch,  NFT whitelists, in the simplest terms, are lists that provide access to minting tokens in a new NFT project.


What is an NFT Whitelist

An NFT whitelist is a list of wallet addresses that are given permission to mint a new NFT from the collection earlier than anyone else. Whitelisted users are often given places on an NFT whitelist through competitions and rewards for their activity within the community.

Once you’ve been added to the whitelist, it means you’ve met the requirements set out by the founding team.

In some NFT collections, there is much more demand than supply. This means that if you manage to get on a whitelist, you are almost certain to be able to mint and buy yourself an NFT in the collection, Whitelists let you buy ahead of everyone else and guarantee you’ll have a minting chance when the collection launches.

The whitelist allows a contributor to get coins at a lower price than minting on the open market.

The scarcity of spots on the whitelist, as well as the benefits of being on it, creates demand for them,  The limited number of whitelist spots, as well as the benefits associated with being on the whitelist, create demand for those places.


What are the benefits of a Whitelist?

A whitelist allows for NFT projects to reward initial supporters and those who help the project grow, either by contributing to the community or promoting it. Early supporters can get access to a pre-sale phase, and potentially receive a lower mint price.

The two main benefits are gas fees and  the freedom to own a scarce digital asset.

  • Early-bird backers will be rewarded with exclusive perks.
  • It’s easy to avoid paying high gas fees.


How do NFTs Whitelist works ?

A whitelist allows only a certain number of presold wallet addresses to mint tokens during an initial coin offering.

For a pre-sale to be considered a mint, a company must check the wallet address of its user.

When a wallet address that is included attempts to mint a new NFT, the system will allow the mint to take place but if that wallet address is not included on the whitelist, the system won’t allow the minting to occur.

What is NFT Whitelists - Onlinemack
What is NFT Whitelists – Onlinemack











When a user wins a whitelisted place, the creator of the NFT project will provide the user with an address from which to mint the NFTs. The user must then provide their wallet address to the project so that it can be added to the whitelist.

Conversely, if a user provides a whitelist address for their account but mints using a different wallet address, the transaction will not be validated. Many Discord channels provide separate sub-channels for whitelist members or provide a different status for these users.


How to get on an NFT Whitelist ?

The number of people who want to buy NFTs is much higher than the number of good NFT projects. NFT whitelists are getting increasingly crowded, and it can be hard to get on one.

If you’re eager to make some profits, you can also sell your NFTs to another user after you’ve bought them—but you have to be quick! Some traders make their money using whitelists and fast flips.

Although it is getting harder to land a whitelist, some users are using certain techniques to do so repeatedly.

Although it is becoming harder to get on whitelists, some users appear to be getting on them again and again. I’ll tell you about some of the tactics and techniques they use to do this.


Twitter competitions

Many NFT-related Twitter competitions are held every hour of every day, with the prize being a place on a whitelist. You can enter these competitions by retweeting or liking the tweet and sharing it with other NFT buyers. Some competitions have hundreds of entrants, while popular ones have thousands.


What is NFT Whitelists - Onlinemack
What is NFT Whitelists – Onlinemack










For example, many Twitter NFT whitelist competition tweets clearly state each entrant must include 3 friends in their comment. Many people either fail to include any friends, or only add one or two. This immediately voids the competition entry.


Discord competitions

Discord is a popular social media platform that many NFT projects use to help with community engagement, to communicate with users, and to provide other useful information such as links to official websites, minting instructions and details about getting on whitelists.

One way to get free tokens is by entering a competition. The easiest way is to enter a competition by completing a Google Docs entry form or engaging with an emoji.

Alternatively, you can invite the greatest number of others to join the community and become an active voice in the community for weeks or months.

It’s worth taking the time to be an active, positive member of the community, who refers others and helps new users. This increases your chances of getting whitelisted by NFT.


Friends Referrals

To promote awareness of their projects, many NFT projects encourage their community members to refer new users to the platform.

What is NFT Whitelists - Onlinemack
What is NFT Whitelists – Onlinemack









NFT projects seek to build communities that are mutually beneficial.

Make sure to check whitelist requirements and opportunities through Discord channels and see whether friend recommendation is one way of achieving a whitelist place.

If you are part of other Discord channels or have your own social following, refer good NFT projects to like-minded buyers.


Positive community activity

Referrals help grow a community in a positive way.

Community members who engage daily, provide valuable, helpful information and answers to questions, and actively promote and talk up the project are the ones who make a difference for all investors.

When considering an investment in NFTs, buyers often consider the strength of the NFT community.



Let’s be clear, this article 100% opinion, and that’s why it was posted under opinions. We don’t have a solution. Maybe the solution is to only invest in NFTs that cost less than gas fees to market on OpenSea. Or maybe we’ll see a major change in how the blockchain deals with fees.

Right now, though, if you want to get in on the ground floor of NFT appreciation and you can’t afford high fees, your only option is to wait it out until OpenSea lowers its gas fee minimum.

What I’m about to outline below is a brief overview of the current process to have an NFT whitelisted on OpenSea. If you would like something whitelisted, make sure to follow these steps and get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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