Crypto Market value in 2 years

Crypto Market value in 2 years
Crypto Market value in 2 years


My name is Oyewumi Isaac Ayomide popularly know as LordRockBTC, discussing about what comes to our mind today.

Yeah Guys, We all know what Crypto currency means, is an digital currency and nit ordinary digital currency, it was created and build in use advanced encryption tech as Cryptography.

This leads to the first Currency while over reach the world as digital currency which is Bitcoin. This has a very good record and its becoming legal over the world, it has $2 million market cap as at the year of 2019 according to record.

It’s a great smart move if you take the chance to move into Crypto currency cause both the movement of bitcoin and Altcoin predication is going to be shocked to everyone and its will help the socially of growth of Crypto currency.

Actually, analysts can access the future of Crypto by their technique using in both fundamental and technical method. The popularity and demands for all coin now are mostly high. And most organizations are using Crypto currency is using them as mode of payment which will really help the Crypto space in more advanced. Read more about Blockchain Technology


Future of Crypto within 2 years

Why do I said 2 Years or just future generally, it’s now comes of notice that decentralized exchange of Crypto will makes it more advanced.

Both Ethereum or Solana will be best while Bitcoin will continue leading them.

Smile, although everything is like a magic…… in that 2 years time, ETH can smoke weed and rise more better than the usable way of bitcoin cause most people now build there blockchain on ETH and its makes the market and young men rich.

I don’t know what you are thinking right now but I know its something smart to hear out. Lets check out the Crypto Assets below

Review of Solana (SOL)

What is Solana and How does it works in Blockchain Tech.

Solana is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies with a market cap over 400M USD among more than 10,000 that currently exist. The most advanced cryptocurrency platform, currency, and network is Solana. A decentralized computer network using a ledger called blockchain.

Chart - Onlinemack

SOLANA is a project that combines technologies from Bitcoin and Ethereum to create a super fast, scalable network that provides authentication that solves the problem of speed, performance, and consensus by making use of an off chain payment channel that allows the network to surpass 1 million transactions per second.

With the little review above, Solana is something you should not confused about it anymore, do I said Solana will also be like them in future of stock market. Will you love to pap more of it. Read more about Solana Whitepaper to have full understand of this Crypto Currency.

Nice Investment.

Review of Etheruem

What is Ethereum exactly? How does it work? What are the biggest wallets, reviews and the latest news?

Ethereum is a decentralized system as well as open-source software platform with its own independent blockchain, Now let’s dig deeper into how Ethereum works and how Ether should be valued.

Ethereum is also a decentralized computing network built on blockchain technology that allows for DApps, smart contracts, and ICOs.

Comparing functionality of Etheruem to how other currency functions on Blockchain Tech and you will also noticed that this kind of Crypto assets can become something big in 2 years time and its really lovely. Read about Etheruem Whitepaper to Understand Better

Review of Bitcoin

Are you familiar with bitcoin and cryptocurrency? Well, I’m here to tell you that there is more to it than just investing in BTC. Blockchain is a rapidly growing technological innovation that combines digital currency, such as bitcoin and ether, decentralized governance, and encrypted agreements known as smart contracts into a new way of doing business.

Our favorite way to invest bitcoin is through eToro. eToro is a regulated and licensed financial firm with years of experience in the cryptocurrency market.

They offer a few simple and smart investment options, which are just as safe as they are easy to use. Read more about Bitcoin Here


We can easily say all the 3 Crypto listed above are appreciating in market and they are very good to invest with. You can just proceed and did more findings from the linked delivered to each content.

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