All you Really Need to Know about Cryptocurrencies

All you Really Need to Know about Cryptocurrencies
All you Really Need to Know about Cryptocurrencies

All you Really Need to Know about Cryptocurrencies

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My name is Oyewumi Isaac Ayomide Popularly know as LordRockBTC. Lolz……….. Should I say this is my first perfect blog just because I want to serious with my life? Lolz

Ok guy, Let leave that aside but if you like you can still contact me to ask some questions.

Without wasting of time, what do I want to discuss about crypto currency and what others discussed about it as well. Although, I don’t really focus on what am thinking about Crypto because there are lot of Crypto Traders outside there that really knows more better about Trading and DeFi Blockchains.

Ok, Now Lets Start from here.


What is Crypto Currency?

Lets me say this directly, Many People think that Both Crypto Currency is only all about Bitcoin while Altcoin is plenty Out there e.g. ETH, Litcoin, Dogecoin and many more and a word ‘Crypto Currency’ simply know as a digital currency that may be used to buy goods and services, but it is secured by an online ledger and powerful cryptography. The majority of interest in these unregulated currencies is for profit trading, with speculators driving values high at times.


Is Crypto Currency are only for Investment?

Investing in Crypto assets is risky, but it can also be incredibly lucrative. If you want direct exposure to the demand for digital money, Crypto currency is an excellent investment, while stocks of firms with cryptocurrency exposure are a safer but perhaps less rewarding alternative.

We discussed earlier that Crypto is for Profit Trading but why is it too risky, Lolz. Ok, Anything can go wrong when you are Trading Crypto Cause is like you are exchanging one currency value to another currency value based on what Market is saying cause Trading Crypto is also into Different ways as well and there is a lot of ways to make money.

Now, Should we take some Steps and Close this Content for Today.

As a Beginner, Is it Advisable to go into Crypto Currency?

There are some great points to understand better about crypto, truly its Digital Currency but they are not managed and control by a government or an organization, it was built on Blockchain Technology.

As a beginners in crypto, you need to know the best Crypto Assets to invest on and I will be discuss about first 2 or 3 crypto Coin that is leading right away.


  1. Bitcoin

The advantages of bitcoin over other crypto currencies are clear. It has the best security record; it’s the most mature, stable and well-established crypto currency out there; it’s the easiest to buy, store and sell; and it’s available on more exchanges than any other crypto currency.

Bitcoin has been around for a while now and has proven to be the most popular crypto currency of all time. It is the most widely used and accepted form of cryptocurrency. Many people see this as a positive thing due to the fact that more people are exposed to this digital currency than any other. Read more about Bitcion on Investorpedia Niche


  1. Ethereum (ETH)

ETH’s value is so much lower than BTC’s value because it isn’t just a cryptocurrency; developers can use ETH to create their own cryptocurrency. Although bitcoin is more stable than ETH, ETH is still more stable than many other cryptocurrencies on the market. It’s worth noting that ETH has increased in value rapidly over the years; as a result, it’s a good investment for beginning and experienced crypto traders alike.

ETH is a promising cryptocurrency that gained in popularity in 2017 due to the fast development of smart contracts in its network. ETH’s price has exceeded $100, making it one of the most attractive investments for all enthusiasts of blockchain technology. Read more about ETH on Investorpedia Platform

Other Crypto Currency are Binance Coin, Dogecoin, XRP and many more… Hopefully, We can discussed about it later on.

This is the Best Platform to understand my word and know about what you are exactly looking for.

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